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This department receives supply orders and provides all required materials until production department starts work.



Post receiving work order and providing necessary materials from planning department, production department prepares a detailed schedule across all production stages to meet deadlines.



"A team of qualified technicians works on the state-of-art machinery."

This department develops montage and plates for printing process, through a team of professional technicians working on state-of-art machinery for plates, i.e.: computer-to-plate fully automatic and high-accuracy "Suprasetter106". It directly operates through computer post reviewing sent files with thermal laser technology that ensures ineffectiveness by temperature, and thus color quality.

The department includes a team of specialists who ensure that final product confirms with the proof passed by the customer. Approvals and copies of origin shall be maintained as recommended. A final review shall be made for zinc (plate) according to forms prepared by quality assurance department pre sending to press department.



"Based on the state-of-art technology and modern machinery." 


Dar Makka's Printing department consists of skilled technicians and a dedicated, highly experienced staff to meet all customers' orders whatever specifications. In addition to using the state-of-art technology and high quality equipment such as German Heidelberg, produced by the world known printing equipment manufacture, Speed Master CD 102; a five color/four color printing machine with a-line vanish capability. It provides various applications and features including high quality, accuracy, efficiency and smooth quick work flow to exceed our customers' expectations.

All printing operations are carried out under full supervision of specialized personnel to maintain quality throughout process; starting from control sheet during printing and following up all production stages to meet specifications required from customers according to forms prepared by quality assurance department, using latest machinery to control color quality and difference against accredited origin.


UV – Coating

"Upgraded production line assures maximum security levels for personnel."

In using the Swiss-built "Steinemann Colibri" machines, UV - Coating department ensures applying a high protective gloss to printed sheets under highly skilled technicians' supervision and upgraded production line assures maximum security levels for personnel. This machine consists of cleaning and cooling units based on an electronically programmed operation system for detecting any printing error and immediately holding production to ensure achieving best quality standards. 



"All stapling and binding operations are carried out under the most skilled trained technicians."


This section specializes in post-printing folding, then binding whether by stapling or gluing. This process starts with folding by German manufacturer "Stahl" machines, one of the fastest and most accurate in this industry.

Staple binding is made using Swiss- "Muller Martini" Saddle Stitcher; a sophisticated, high-speed machine containing automatic sensors to ensure accuracy. Glue binding is made using Swiss "Muller Martini" Perfect Binder machines that scrapes cover, then automatically glues with sheets. All stapling and binding processes are carried out by skilled technicians trained to use last updated machinery under supervision of quality control.

Die Cutting

"All die cutting processes are carried out under an accurate supervision and control."

This section breaks down printed sheets by highly experienced technicians using last updated and sophisticated hardware such as Spanish-manufacture "Iberica JR 105" that contains a fritter unit that works fully-automatic with fast performance and accuracy to ensure high quality. All die cutting operations are carried out under supervision of quality control team.


Folding and Gluing

"Last updated machinery contains sensors to automatically reject improper product."


This department specializes in folding boxes using six Italian manufacture machines, Vega, in different sizes. These machines use a code reader to prevent operating any product but the defined one and they also contain sensors to measure amount of glue and automatically reject improper product. It produces more than 600 million folding boxes per year. All folding and gluing operations are carried out under supervision of quality control to ensure conformity of each machine with prepared inspection forms and release each one after the production process to prevent any mixing.


final release & shipping

"The department carries out accurate pre shipping inspection."

Final phase of folding and gluing is packaging. Random pre shipping inspections are carried out according to inspection reports. This department carries out accurate pre shipping inspection by reviewing record of each product in details. Finally, it shall be transferred to shipping department.


Quality Control & Assurance

"Quality control and Assurance is divided into two different departments, each with a separate team and manager."

First: Quality control: has a trained staff specialized in accurate control for all details throughout production process using the state-of-art technology, the most important of which is "Spectrophotometer X-Rite". This devise is designed specifically to provide speed and accuracy in measuring colors on a wide range of printing materials. This department also prepares control lists used by other departments.

Second: Quality Assurance: responsible for quality control across all sections including administrative ones. This department prepares the best standard measures to be followed by all productive and administrative sections and reviews all products' records. Moreover, it carries out final release and transferring products to shipping department in addition to internal inspection and review to ensure accurately applying work methods and forms by all workers and employees along with ISO requirements.


inspection laboratory


Post final inspection by specialists, "valid for use" mark shall be labeled on high quality raw materials and then transferred to stores till use though printing process or "invalid for use" and transferred or rejected.

Dar Makka always aims to achieve the best and highest quality standards. Consequently, the inspection lab is established to test raw materials used in printing before transferring to the warehouse. This accurate inspection ensures raw materials quality according to the inspection reports pre-prepared by quality assurance.


This lab uses the state-of-art equipment such as "Techno Brite", which can estimate whiteness and clarity and ensures compatibility between printed color and the other request by customer. "Ink Printability" machines can also simulate colors to reach the required color ink. While "Stereoscope Microscope" can detect impurities and "Tear Strength" measures resistance of paper to rupturing. "Stiffness of Paper" is also used to measure papers hardness and "Adhesive Strength" is to measure strength of adhesive used in boxes' gluing. "Hydrometer" is used to measure moisture. Finally, "Viscosimeter" measures viscosity. 

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